When we moved to Steamboat nine years ago, our daughter suffered from severe eczema. She often looked like she had burns. We met Marti by chance and she offered us some samples of her lotion. We started using it and within 6 months my daughter was off all prescription creams and ointments. We still use it, as a family to this day. I cannot say enough about her products.

Jennifer Stone Knight

I have used MJ’s lotion for my own Rheumatoid and what wonderful relief. I am also a hospice volunteer and have used it on many of my patients for relief of pain as well as helping to sleep at night. MJ’ s lotion rocks.

Chris Fesko

Lotion is awesome, at my age and in the sun sure relieves my dry skin, Bug-Off is FAB, even my son, who worked in Coke’s warehouse swears by it! DCB we swear by, bites, cuts, burns and sore muscles. Thank you MJ!

Roxann Hubbard

I first started using MJ’s lotion for my dry, cracked heals. I had tried many of “will cure dry and cracked heals” ointments and lotions but nothing worked until I began using MJ’s lotion! It is the best lotion for every day moisturizing and problem areas (heals, elbows and hands) are soft as silk!

I ordered a jar of MJ’s CBD topical lotion for my sciatica and arthritis and what a difference! No more pain pills.

My next purchase is Bug Off. Living in Alabama, our bug season begins in March and last through October! No doubt this will help keep those pesty insects away!

Love this company, they are so personable and will answer any questions very promptly!

Thank you MJ’s!

Pam Jones Hubbard